Headache Treatment in Ayurveda

What is a headache ?

Ayurvedic treatment for Headache is beneficial for those suffering from Headache. Headache seems to have been more complicated than one can realize. Different types occur for peculiar reasons and require different treatments. Unlike others, Ayurvedic treatment for Headache can eradicate your headache thoroughly, and prevent it from coming back.

Very irregularly headaches can be a pointer to serious diseases includes brain tumour or stroke. Tension headaches are said to be the most common types of headaches, which can trigger mild to moderate pain. The severe ones are triggered by unknown mechanisms. Ayurvedic treatment for Headache is truly helpful for people seeking headache treatment.

Another common type of headache is Migraine. It can persist for 4 hours to 3 days, and generally, occur one to four times a month. Apart from pain, people have other symptoms, including sensitivity to light, noise, vomiting, or loss of appetite. Ayurveda believes that Migraine is caused by Pitta-Vata imbalance. Ayurvedic treatment for Headache is the best way of healing Migraine.

what causes headaches?

  • Anxiety: People having an anxiety disorder can experience either Migraine headaches or chronic tension headaches.
  • Depression: Sometimes, Depression triggers a headache. Research proved that tension headaches are linked to mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression.
  • Smoking: Nicotine triggers the blood vessels in your body to narrow. It reduces the blood supply to your brain, leading to migraine.
  • Alcohol intake: Immoderate use of alcohol can trigger headaches.
Ayurvedic Treatment For Headache Includes:


This therapy is performed holding oil on the head particular time with the use of cap fitted on the head. Shirovasti is one of the best treatments for neurological diseases such as migraine, and chronic headache.

Ksheera Dhara:

This treatment is performed pouring herbal milk over the forehead or the entire body. Ksheera Dhara is helpful for people having headache, insomnia and mental irritability.


In this therapy, the entire body is massaged for 45 minutes with warm herb-infused oils from top to toe to improve the health and nourishment of the skin. Abhyanga helps to treat Osteoarthritis, body aches, migraines, and obesity.

Experience the best ayurvedic treatment for Headache

Unlike normal headaches, Migraine can hurt your head badly. It can persist for days. You can’t be able to work when a headache hits. It can affect your personal life too. You will have to cancel your trip with your family when you don’t feel well. You will miss the happiest moments with your family. Headaches kill your happiness and don’t let you live a normal life.

Eat regularly, skipping meals can trigger a headache. If you are working on a computer, giving some rest to your eyes can prevent headaches. Stressful situations can result in a headache or migraine. We may not be able to control stressful events, but instead, we could reduce our stress level with meditation, and yoga.

Ayurveda, the science of life, always provides unique and effective treatments to cure all kinds of headaches. Ayurveda also suggests your healthy diet, and lifestyle to become and stay healthy. Being an ancient healing system, Ayurveda mesmerizes people all over the world. One of the major benefits of Ayurvedic treatment is that it is free from side effects, and eradicating the diseases thoroughly.

Your eating can impact on your migraines. Aged cheese, Caffeine, and chocolate are said to be the triggers of migraine. Remove it from your diet, and enjoy the benefits. Obesity is also considered as a risk factor for chronic headaches. Maintaining a healthy weight with exercise and diet can enhance your health and prevent headaches. Living with chronic headaches never lets you taste the happiness, and peace. Ayurveda has already proved it’s prowess to cure chronic diseases. If you are suffering from chronic headaches, and migraine, get the best ayurvedic treatment.

Ayurveda is one of the major reasons why foreigners visit Kerala. They are fascinated by the uniqueness of Ayurveda. Not just healing, but they also visit Kerala to experience the ayurvedic rejuvenation treatment. Ayurveda can also let you live a healthy lifestyle. People once became hopeless experimenting several medicines for migraine have been relieved by ayurvedic treatments.

If you are seeking the best ayurvedic Headache treatment , we can bring you to the right place. There are plenty of ayurvedic treatment resorts in Kerala. We help you choose the perfect one that provides effective ayurvedic treatments. Average cost of ayurvedic treatment for Headache is 6500.

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