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We know a search for the best place in India for yoga has landed you in here! Whether you are yoga studio representatives with the intention of learning authentic Indian yoga meditation or individuals in search of pure mental tranquility, Kerala, the southernmost tip of India is your destination. As the best yoga retreat in Kerala, we are happy to help you with your quest for yoga vacation in India. Before you are getting started, there are a few things you need to know about Indian Yoga.

Yoga in Indian history

What makes India the best place for yoga is the fact that ancient India gave birth to yoga. India, the mystic country full of ancient techniques, has imparted plenty of its heritage, its sagacious forefathers treasured, to the world. Yoga meditation is one such time-old health culture healers and sages practiced in India. Beyond the western prejudiced notion about India as a long-colonized, agrarian life, this land has never failed in nurturing its own traditions, cultures, faiths and languages. In a way, the isolated rural existence of the country had been a blessing in disguise to India in forming its own ways of healing and curing like Yoga and Ayurveda.

India is supposed to have cultivated yoga culture around 5000 years ago. Yogic lore has it that Adiyogi shared the knowledge about yoga to seven sages as ways mortal beings can transcend to divine potential. The seven sages disseminated yoga everywhere they toured in the Indian subcontinent. Yoga made the texts in the last millennia of pre-Common Era. Yoga is first mentioned in the Rigveda, and is referred to in Upanishads. Yoga Sutras of Patanjali of early centuries of the Common Era came up with more comprehensive descriptions about yoga. The “Hatha yoga” of the medieval century prompted postural yoga which made way for modern yoga.

Why Yoga ?

It might be superfluous to explain to you the importance of Indian Yoga. You sought out for the best yoga retreat in India because you knew it yourself. For the sake of illuminating those who don’t know about this ancient wonder, let’s do it once more.

Simply put Yoga is a meditation for medication. Yoga is a proven way of healing our psychic damages caused due to stress, strain and tension. We all know our mental stability decides our physical health. In this world of mundane hustle and bustle, an unbearable amount of stress and strain is accumulated in our spiritual realm preventing us from having a clear mind and thought. Depression, insomnia, stress, migraine, blood pressure can be counted a few among known effects of the busy life we were immersed ourselves in.

If we are healthy and content by mind, we can keep away from the majority of visible illnesses. Yoga is projected towards this end. Yoga, as a natural way of soothing our psyche, has a strong connection with Ayurveda, the ancient way of wellness science. Besides the ancient definition of divine end, Yoga stabilizes, soothes and tranquilizes our turbulent mind and puts them in a perfect harmony. It gives the control of your mind back to you.

Types of yoga our Indian Yoga Retreat can offer you!

There is a wide variety of schools of yoga practices. Both traditional and modern yogas are practiced worldwide. In terms of mobility, there are mainly two forms of yoga: Meditational Yoga and Postural Yoga. Traditional yoga was mainly meditational. Medieval Hatha Yoga is what developed Postural Yoga elaborating postures (Asanas) that were mentioned in “Yoga Sutras”, in passing by the sage Patanjali in early centuries CE.

Now modern yoga is all the rage with incorporating the best elements of all types of yoga. Ayurwakeup, the best yoga studio in India for yoga practice, instructs you on all types of yoga.

Benefits of yoga

As the best yoga retreat in Kerala, we have witnessed immense benefits our yoga practices doled out to our visitors. Some of them are:

  • Improves body flexibility
  • Alleviates stress and strain
  • Magnify mental health
  • Increase your mental strength
  • Reduces anxiety & tension
  • Adds up immunity
  • Increases body balance
  • Gives you better sleep
  • Enhances heart’s health
  • Structures your body
  • Improves brain functioning and imagination power
  • Gives you good body posture and shape

Ayurwakeup, best place for yoga in India

Founded in 1997, Ayurwakeup is a renowned yoga studio-cum Ayurveda center in Kerala, India. Ayurwakeup, with its backwater Ayurveda resort in Alleppey, is the best place to immerse yourself in Indian Yoga. Set on the shore of backwater in Alleppey, shrouded in flora, in a rustic Kerala setting, our yoga retreat center rightly boasts of perfect vibe and ambiance for yoga practice. From ancient to modern varieties of yoga are provided to our guests through our internationally certified yoga teachers.

As a ‘two birds with one stone case’, people who visit our yoga resort in Alleppey will benefit from authentic Kerala-style Ayurveda practices as well. We are located in Kerala, on the southernmost tip of India where nature is presented in pristine forms with lush vegetation, waters and agricultural setting.

Our yoga retreat in kerala facilities

As the best Ayurvedic and yoga retreat in India for knowing true Indian Yoga, Ayurwakeup has sophisticated arrangements for yoga practice at our resort. The peaceful rural setting of Kerala against the backdrop of Alleppey backwater is a bonus to your yoga experience at our yoga studio in Kerala. We have:

  • 30 rooms
  • Yoga hall
  • Lawn
  • 2 Ayurveda doctors
  • Trained yoga therapists

Welcome to the best yoga studio in India

Why wait? Factoring all required ingredients for a perfect yoga session, this is the right place for your transcendence. Give us a call for knowing more about our yoga programs and confirming your appointment. We have a lavish accommodation system in rustic-oriented Kerala style villas on the lakefront. Complimenting your yoga bliss, we have a wide variety of Ayurvedic offerings such as wellness programs, specialty treatments, and other holistic packages.

Apart from normal getaways, what you would find at this yoga retreat will be a unique yoga vacation in India. Kerala, also known as God’s own country for its scenic beauty, has to show you its rustic and agrarian life and culture, its authentic Ayurveda practices, and its arts.

We are heartily welcoming you to this best yoga retreat in Kerala where we promise you would find the extreme satisfaction for your expectations.